poet laureate

Jenna Lyn Albert served as the City of Fredericton’s poet laureate from January 2019 – January 2021.

About the City of Fredericton Poet Laureate role

The Poet Laureate position (formerly known as Cultural Laureate) was established in 2016 and was an action item of the City’s Culture Plan, adopted in 2014. Ian LeTourneau was the City’s first Laureate. Among other things, during his term LeTourneau wrote 10 poems celebrating Fredericton culture and in 2017 launched Word Feast – Fredericton’s Literary Festival.

The roles and responsibilities of the position include engaging with the community through activities, programs, and events, both traditional and innovative, to demonstrate the power of the arts to inspire, influence, and inform.

A steering committee made up of professionals in the literary community and the city’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee took part in the development of the terms of reference for the position and the selection process.